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Basic Web Page

A Basic Web Page is an html document containing text, graphics or simple form functionality. Scanned images may be added by MicroWeb, refer to Options and Services for pricing.

A Basic Home Web Page is a Basic Web Page that includes a clickable copyright page and a clickable email interface.

A simple form will allow a person to enter basic contact information and request more information from you. More complicated forms, executable pages and imagemaps are not included in a Basic Web Page. Contact MicroWeb for details and pricing.

A Basic Web Page is defined as one typed, (12 point) 8 1/2 x 11 page including graphics.

The following charges apply:

First Page: $100
Additional Pages:$60 each

Basic Promotion Service

Once your web page is on the Internet, how will people find it? One common way to find resources on the Internet is to use a search engine like Yahoo or Lycos. Your VIP Custom Account includes listing your page with the major Internet databases. This is much more than an automated process (offered by some ISPs). We manually enter your listing with the most appropriate resources. In addition, we recommend that you place your web and email addresses in your sales literature, letterhead, and business cards.

Extended Promotion Service

With this offering, we will list your site with many more search engines than the basic set. There are also many special interest and private databases which can be valuable. In addition, we will make announcements on relevant newsgroups and mailing lists.

The Extended Promotion Service is not a one time service. Any time you make additions or modifications to your web site, we will announce these in appropriate places on the Internet. For instance, if you have an employment section in your web page, each time you have a new job listing, we will advertise this with the relevant job resources on the web. This will bring more people to your web site.

* New customers should fill out this form to provide us with promotion information.


Bandwidth refers to the amount of information that can be sent or transmitted electronically from MicroWebs server to the web. Information is sent from the server upon a request by a web user from anywhere on the World Wide Web, (WWW). This will allow a world wide access to your web page. Each time a person views your web page, they are actually having information transmitted electronically to their computer via the Internet. Popular web pages can put a great strain on the Internet and its resources. MicroWebs policy is to continuously upgrade our infrastructure to meet these demanding needs. In order to maintain and provide the highest quality service, the following bandwidth charges apply to all web accounts. A monthly report on bandwidth usage will be emailed to each account and billed accordingly to users.

Bandwidth used in excess of the package rates will be charge at $0.12 per Mb.

Options and Services

* Domain Name Registration $150.00. This is included in each of our packages, however, we provide this service if you require additional domain names or if you are not yet an MTI customer.
* Extra hard disk space $1.00 per Mb/mo. based on the maximum average maximum averages for the month.
* PPP / shell account (30 Hours per month / 2 Hours max per connect)
* Additional ppp connect $1/Hr over the 30 Hour per month connect fee
* Additional email account $5/mo. (assumes you have a dialup account with a provider)
* FTP (File Transfer Protocol) area (20 Hours per month / 2 Hours max per connect)
* Mail Forward to outside ISP
* Group rates. MicroWeb offers special rates for groups of 10 or more as a discount for single billing to one organization.
* Additional Graphics $60 per hour, for image scanning
* Phone consulting $100.00 per Hour (1 hour minimum billing)
* Technical assistance or repair of customer loaded non-working html pages, $60.00 per Hour at the request of the customer.

* MicroWeb also offers on site, consulting, training and custom Corporate LAN and Firewall Connections. Please contact MicroWeb for details.

Public training sessions. Please contact MicroWeb for details.

Friends AccountTM

PPP $5.00 setup and $30.00 per month

This will give the client a 30 Hours per month / 2 Hours max per connection. This may be purchased a discount on a quarterly or yearly rate, contact MicroWeb for details.

If daily usage is consistently 6 hours or more, a dedicated connection may be more appropriate. This account is only available to "Friends of MicroWeb". MicroWeb is a primarily a corporate internet provider and typically does not sell individual accounts.

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