MicroWEB Technology

MicroWEB VIP - Virtual Internet Presence

In today's market, every company needs the competitive edge of being "on the Internet". However, most small companies, and many large ones, lack the resources or the technical expertise to administrate unix computers, implement internet software servers, configure routers, and navigate the maze of correspondence needed to be "on the Internet".

MWEB is proud to introduce VIP - Virtual Internet Presence.

For most people, being "on the Internet" consists of two highly visible services. One is the World Wide Web (WWW) and the other is electronic mail (or email). With VIP, any organization can easily have these services, and MWEB handles all the details!

MicroWeb Rates and Services

All web accounts feature custom domain name service This includes addresses of the form:

web address:
mail address:

All web pages are subject to a bandwidth usage rate.

VIP Custom Account ServiceTM

VIP Domain Name Registration

Reserve your Custom Domain Name on the World Wide Web. This service is included in all our levels of VIP service. However, you may wish to simply reserve a Domain Name before commiting to full service. For a fee of $150. we will register your Domain Name. You own this name and can take it with you even if you do not contract with MicroWEB Technology. There is a yearly fee of $100. in the second, and subsequent years.

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