Who is MicroWeb Technology?

MicroWeb Technology Inc. (MWEB) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with an interest in providing Internet connectivity and specialized services to small and mid-sized businesses. MWEB offers a complete Internet solution from the construction of Web pages, network firewall security and internal mail to email solutions. MWEB is a full service Internet provider offering consulting and training.

Who needs the internet?

Today most large companies and universities are already communicating over the internet, so who needs the access to the internet?

*To stay competitive in the marketplace with large, more powerful competitors small businesses must do things better cheaper and faster. These small businesses* need to connect to the internet. On the internet no one needs to know how small your business is.
*Large companies with satellite offices.
*Independent employees of large companies that want to work from home and are not allowed to dial into corporate accounts.
*Independent employees of large companies that want to access areas of the internet that they may not have access to at work. Most large companies have control over what employees are allowed to access and censor employee access.
*Students who have grown accustom to the internet that have graduated or on break and find a need to stay in touch.

* According to the U.S. Statistical Abstract, 97.8 percent of all nonresidential businesses are classifies as small businesses (100 or fewer employees) of those, about 67 percent own PC computers.

Location is everything in business and companies will pay a fortune for these business addresses and locations. Fortunately the internet is big and accessible and the small business can stake claim on the internet and look as impressive as the large company and no one needs to know how small your business is. If however you are not on the internet, you will reveal your size.

Large companies have multi million dollar enterprise networks, but this kind of system comes at a price: inflexibility. Before it can implement new technology, a large company must show that it will both provide a payback and be compatible with existing systems. The evaluation process can take years.

Small companies can quickly justify and implement new technology that gives them a competitive tool to reach customers and suppliers and to access numerous resources, to operate more cost efficiently. Take communications for example. Low cost options offered by MWEB, Inc. now allow these small companies to implement internet communications quickly.

Most small to medium sized companies do not have a connection to the internet. The main reason is the restriction placed on technology or lack of it within their organization. Access to the internet is guarded, knowledge is power in the computer community, it is expensive and may be technologically beyond the capabilities of a small company.

Traditionally to hook to the internet you will need a Unix workstation and a Unix knowledgeable computer operator, these computers very a great deal from a DOS based PCs. By the time you have purchased a Unix workstation, router, CSD/DSU and have a leased data line connected to the Internet provider, you will have spent $10,000 to $15,000* and and three months worth of work.

This is where your connection to the internet is a dedicated phone line away from MWEB.

* Costs associated with the internet connection can be found elsewhere in this document.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names are an integral part of the Internet addressing. All correspondence over email must contain domain names for both the sender and receiver. You can think of domain names being kind of a postal address, where the city, state and zip code are all rolled into one word. The domain name in the address ensures that the email will be routed to the proper place. A domain name consists of the rightmost word after the "@" symbol in the email address ending in .com for commercial or .org for nonprofit organizations. This name may include a hyphen and is limited to 12 letters, numbers and symbols may not be used.

Similar to a postal address, Internet email addresses are all unique. All Domain Names are registered with the InterNIC. The InterNIC has the task of accepting and cataloging domain names. To register with the InterNIC a registration fee and form must be submitted along with the name of an ISP, the InterNIC will then verify that an IP address has been assigned to this applicant. Note: As of December 31, 1995 all fees must be paid up and Domain Names must be in use or they will be purged by the InterNIC, all InterNIC fees must be maintained or they may be canceled and resigned.

Registration forms are all submitted by MWEB as a service to new clients, see the rates and service s section in this document for further details.

As a new client MWEB will register your web page and domain name with Yahoo, WebCrawler, Starting Point, Lycos, Infoseek, Open Text, What's New Too!, WWW Worm, Harvest, Whole Internet Catalog and JumpStation to name a few of the more popular search engines.

MWEB will provide your Primary Domain Name Service, DNS, we will also provide Secondary DNS with other ISPs on both sides of the country and in Texas. This Secondary DNS is more or less like a multiple listing in the "Yellow Pages" phone book it will make your Web Page more easily found.


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