MicroWEB Technology

VIP Custom Account ServiceTM Level 2

Level 2
Domain Name Registration$150.00
2 Hours Web development and design consulting200.00
Basic Home Web Page100.00
8 Additional basic pages480.00
15 Graphics (Provided to and scanned by MicroWeb, Inc.)375.00
4 Hours of basic internet promotion and advertising service400.00
Total value$1705.00

Package Price....... $830.00*

Also included:

* Contact MicroWeb, Inc. for additional requirements and or consulting.

Quarterly Fees

All fees billed on a quarterly bases and 10% discount is given for one annual fee.

$450.00 per quarter.


500Mb per quarter of Bandwidth, unused bandwidth will not be rolled into the next quarter.
Bandwidth in excess of 500Mb will be billed on a quarterly bases in addition to the basic quarterly fee,a record of bandwidth used will be included in the monthly statistics report.

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