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Please provide the following information so that we may promote your web site.
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Keywords are single word or two-word phrases used by the search engines to catagorize your company. When someone enters one of these keywords in a search engine (like Yahoo, Lycos, etc.) your web page listing will be displayed.

TIP: Think less about what words you personally use to describe your Web site. Instead, focus on what words other people might enter when conducting a search to find the information provided at your site. Remember, they'll be the ones searching for your site. You already know where to find it!

TIP: Try to avoid words that are too general. This results in your site being one of hundreds of other sites yielded in a query. However, if you're unsure, it's better to be too broad than too specific in the same way it's better to come up as one of hundreds than not show up at all in a search.

Please list five main keywords that describe your company and/or web site:

Please list up to 20 more keywords or 2 word phrases (some search engines only allow 5):


Certain search engines and web listing services (such as Yahoo!) use catagories under which sites are listed. This is similar to the way that telephone Yellow Pages works.

Please list up to 5 Catagories/Headings for your web site. Please put the best catagory first:

Descriptive Text

When your company/site is displayed by a search engine, there will be a link to your web site and a short description of the company or site. Please note the word/character limits. Any text past these limits will be truncated by some search engines. Use the button to check the number of characters you have entered (your browser must support Java for this to work).

TIP: the description should let someone know what is at your site without giving too much away. You are trying to entice someone to visit your site!

Please provide a short (up to 20 words and 200 characters) description of your company or web site:

Please provide a medium (up to 50 words and 255 characters) description of your company or web site:

Please provide a longer (up to 2 paragraphs) description of your company or web site:

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