Accessing MTIWeb Using Windows 95's TCP/IP stack

The automatic installation of Windows 95 does not necessarily install all of the required components you need to use the Dial-Up Networking, therefore you should have your installation disks or CD ready. This document will take you from Step 1 to make a connection to MTIWeb. The following steps will allow you to use the 32-bit applications that the 16-bit Spry will not let you use. After you upgrade all your applications to 32-bit versions, you will see a marked difference in speed.

1. Installing Windows 95's Dial-Up Networking

Please also refer to the "Using Dial-Up Networking" section in your Windows 95 manual for illustrations.

2. Creating an Icon for MTIWeb in your Dial-Up Networking

3. Configuring your MTIWeb entry in Dial-up Networking

4. You are now ready to logon to MTIWeb

or Then click on Connect.

At this point you should hear your modem dialing the MTIWeb system. When you are connected, a terminal window will appear.

Adding a dialing script to Windows95 Dial Up Networking

Once you have configured the Windows95 Dial Up Networking to connect to MTIWeb, it is possible to add a script which removes the necessity of loging in manually. The following steps must be taken in order to add on such a script.

This text file assumes that you are able to connect using the Windows95 Built-In Dialer, You MUST make sure that it is working fine BEFORE you attempt to install the built-in Windows 95 Auto Scripter.

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